Uetsuki Hachiman Shrine

Address 5-2 Uetsuki-cho, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara 639-1005
Phone uetsuki52@gmail.com

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Said to be the legendary ancient temple Uetsukitera Temple’s shrine for the local deity, the old Uetsuki Hachiman Shrine is located in what used to be the “unlucky” southwest corner of Heijo-kyo (the capital city of Japan during the Nara period). The Honden (main shrine building) is built in the architectural style of “kasuga-zukuri,” and in Tojaiji’s “Jinmyocho” (a register of shrines in Japan), it is listed as “Uetsuki Myojin”. It was widely worshipped by Osaka merchants, samurai, and courtiers until the Meiji period and has appeared in various historical texts such as “Konjaku Monogatari,” “Nihon Ryoiki,” and “Makuranososhi.” There are two auxiliary shrines within its grounds. The Uetsuki Nimasumana Shrine (commonly called the Kingyo Shrine) and the Uetsuki Nimasu Fujiwara Shrine which deifies three generations of the Fujiwara no Fuhito clan. The enshrined deity of the Uetsuki Nimasumana Shrine, Ameno Oshikumoneno Mikoto, is a possessive oracle god which is also called “Mikogami.” It is a water god which is regarded in the same light as the “Kasuga Ryujin (dragon god).” Its incarnate, “Kasuga Akadoji,” has traditionally been believed to be the guardian god of women and children, and from its appearance of all-red, is called the “Kingyo (goldfish) Shrine.”

Special Features

◆When in doubt, pray to god. “Uetsuki Shrine’s Fortune-telling Day” Tarot fortune-telling: \2,000 per case. (Held irregularly. See Facebook page for details.)
◆Do you want to be a Miko (shrine maiden)? “Hiena Miko Club” starts April 2017! Accepting applications (no age limit)! Learn kagura dance and shrine etiquette (shrine/temple service posts available depending on proficiency). Perfect for women who are interested in traditional culture or want to become Mikos (see Facebook page for details)
January 7th, 10 am: Uetsuki Onda Festival
1st Sunday of March, 12 noon: Kingyo Shrine Miko Festival
○st Sunday of October: Regular Festival, Yoimiya Festival




Train: 8-minute walk from Kintetsu Kashihara Line's Kintetsu Koriyama Station
Bus: 1-minute walk from Yamato Koriyamajo Hall Station